About Yo' Girl:

Because honesty isn't always modest, I try not to be a know-it-all. But I figure modesty isn't always authentic, and authenticity is what I practice. Though there is a lot that I don't know (along with the stuff I don't know that I don't know), there is a lot that I do know. From reading self-help books since the age of 12 to both intentional and unintentional life lessons that has left me grounded and a little wiser. Everything I share and teach is from personal experience.

My momma has always taught me lessons from the purest form of love. You know, the self-less and unconditional kind of love. The kind of love that will only make me and my sisters better people. With this said, I only share what I know with the intention that you get value for yourself and your life. I'm not here to change minds (not at all) but instead offer a another perspective that might transform the relationship you have with yourself and the world.

I am a deep thinker. I contemplate. I analyze. I intellectualize everything (almost to a fault). I am fascinated by the human experience, and how it's all connected and related. I am a realist, and a true optimist. I believe that we are all put here to co-create the story of our lives, and to share that story in a way that touches, moves or inspires another. We are meant to experience life at its highest frequency and reach our greatest potential. But first, we've gotta get out of our own way.

We're on this solo journey, together. I got you, boo.

Love always,


"When the head and heart are aligned, the soul expands giving space for the spirit to play." #rannysays