The Head & Heart

To live is to love. To love is to live. When it comes to life and love, the hardest part is finding the perfect balance between the head and the heart. One is logical, the other is emotional. One is driven by survival, while the other by passion. To live with our heads and to love with our hearts is easy, but to live a life of love or to love the life we live...not so much. It's a constant battle...a constant balance of finding the perfect consistency between head and heart. Each individual has to find the right balance for themselves.

Though I may be head driven, my heart has led me around the world on amazing adventures and in the company of good people. I've gotten to see breathtaking sights, taste exotic fruits and truly feel how it feels to be free. Free from anger. Free from sadness. Free from regrets. And free from any limitations that has been placed on me by others and especially my-own-self. 

When I told myself that I'd want to become a yoga teacher one day, I meant a day far, far away. You know,  the day "after I get my shit together." Instead, it felt as if my dreams manifested overnight. But in truth, it did not. It took 10 weeks to get certified, but it's been 10 years of doing the work to understand the human experience and learning my own body. It's been a process, a long, tough and sometimes ugly process. In retrospect, life has unfolded beautifully, even in murky waters. 

Thanks to Facebook, I discovered Sansara Surf & Yoga Resort when I was tagged in a friend's photo. Immediately, I fell in L-O-V-E. It was one of those things you simply couldn't ignore. So of course, I contacted the wonderful people at Sansara to set something up. Honestly, I was going to go one way or another, solo if I had to. Between a few emails back and forth from Jenna, my dreams of hosting my own retreats began to manifest itself into reality. 

In February of 2015, I will be hosting my first yoga retreat for an intimate group of friends in Cambutal, Panama. I call it a Surf & Yoga Holiday. Instead of retreating from life, we shall celebrate life as the locals would during Carnival in South America. 

I always say that when the head and heart are aligned, the soul expands giving the spirit more space to play. 

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