Word Vommit: 10 Things On My Mind #TBT

This is a post from 2011. It was the end of an eventful summer of Yelp Elite events, salsa dancing and boating. That same summer I met an Aussie, backpacking across America, at a bar in Hermosa Beach. I was working at my family's grocery store and interning with astrologist and writer, Tali Edut, while figuring out what I wanted to be when I grow up. 

Tali, my boss and also a mentor, read my full chart, which I clearly remember her saying that being a yoga teacher is in my chart. Two years later, I'm a yoga teacher.

She also said that international travel is in the stars for me. I think so too. :)

When I started writing consistently 5 years ago, I didn't think that I would look back to see how far I've come as a women or writer--or even to see how beautifully life comes 'round full circle even after getting lost taking unintentional detours. Two years after writing this, I'm taking aerial silk classes and I have a pole in my personal yoga studio. Ain't that cray?

I encourage those who are called to write to write. It's allowed me to find my voice and discover reoccurring themes in my life. They say when you want something, write it down. I say just write. In retrospect, it's evident that I am meant to use my life as research, to learn and to teach. And if in the process I heal (myself and others), so be it. 

Word Vommit: 10 Things On My Mind

Written September 1, 2011

1. I'm still reflecting on an interesting week I had last week. I've written a little about it while continuing to write more as I try to make sense of what happened. Unlike anything I've ever experienced, he introduced me to uncharted territory, rocked my world (literally and metaphorically) and has me wondering have I been keeping myself from intimacy? or is he different from the rest?

2. A lot of my friends are in Jamaica for a wedding. I wish I could be there, but this is what I get for not planning when I had enough time to plan. I feel horrible for missing this precious moment, but I must be responsible and choose how to exert my energy wisely. Growing up sucks!

3. Last month I posted a measly FIVE blog posts. FIVE! SMH (Shakes My Head).

4. BUT it doesn't mean I haven't been writing. This summer I've been learning about websites. Soon, I'll be switching over from rannykang.blogspot.com to a real website with a real domain name. Normally, I'm post happy. Lately, I've been conscious about my work and how it's presented. I think I'm ready to share on a silver platter instead of a lunch tray.

5. This has been THE best summer of my life (I say this every year). From girls' nights to running through the woods at night in a relay. From working with my family to playing with my family. From climbing a pole on a yacht to climbing a pole on Bainbridge Island. From being stranded on a boat and missing Seafair to losing my car keys and having to tow my car the next day. From Yelp Elite to open bars. From late-night sunrises to salsa dancing sunsets, fun with old friends to new relationships with old friends, weddings to no divorces. And from late night Chinese food to Chinese men from Australia. I'm sad for the summer to end. It's a bittersweet ending. More sweet than bitter.

6. With every ending, there's a new beginning. Now that Fall is approaching, I have to create my curriculum for the quarter. I know that I should go back to "school" to finish. Blah blah blah. I will. For now, it's more cost effective to create my own curriculum that is just (if not more!) enriching than taking formal college courses. What I do is choose three or four themes to focus on and have "classroom" (a designated time each week) to focus on that subject/theme/lesson. So for example, I'll have B-School (business school to focus on my business/website) every Wednesday night at a friend's home from 7 to 10pm after my internship. I'll also be taking Acting classes on Tuesdays from 7-9pm. Then for P.E. (Physical Education) I'll focus on losing those last 5lbs, which means having a regular training schedule throughout the week and refining my nutrition. My extracurricular activities will include Book Club, salsa dancing and cell-phone photography.

7. I want to pick up a new hobby--like aerials and pole dancing--but I'm going to focus on mastering what I already have. I'll keep it on the bookshelf for 2012.

8. My family is still my number one priority and most important commitment. Knowing this keeps me sane.

9. I need to revisit my 2011 Vision Board and goals. There are only four months left until the world ends.

10. What's next?