Slave to the Story

That plan was to work on editing my almost-finished manuscript on the airplane headed to New Orleans. But as a storyteller tries to finish a story another happens. 

Like something you'd see out of a movie, I was moved to a window seat and next to a guy who would be my greatest distraction (and a good kisser). For three hours, we talked about our India experiences, our childhoods, spirituality and stuff that you just don't talk about with people you've just met--or people you know casually. Somehow, we got deep. And for some reason, we connected. 

In that moment, I was in the moment. So was he. We were present, together.

Though this was a new one, stories like this happens to me more often than not. For a long time, I would fall for each story hoping that it would be The One that would lead me to "ever after." Instead, I would be taken on a different path towards a new story, away from this one.

Discernment: "the ability to judge well." (Google)

Because I have broken my fair share of hearts and have had my heart broken the same amount of times, I've learned not to fall for stories that won't end well. So, I might fall in love with this guy, who lives and owns a beautiful home in New Orleans. Even though it's long distance, life would be amazing (because it always is when we're in love). And then the story either gets cut short after the honeymoon is over. We realize that it's not going to work. Both parties have to deal with life after a breakup: the loneliness, the feelings of failure and the getting acclimated to single life again (it sucks). OR we could really be in love. We could have a real connection. He could possibly be The Ever After. And then, we reach the crossroads of "what now?" Who moves? And when? Either way, it sucks. I know. I've been there. Therefore, I choose not to put myself or another person in such predicament. And that sucks, too.

Bittersweet: "arousing pleasure tinged with sadness or pain." (Google)

It's awesome how I connected with this super cool guy in such a magical way. It sucks that he was headed home as I was leaving home. Am I grateful for that moment? Yes. Is the sweetness worth the bitter after taste? I don't know. Is any story worth it?

Ranny KangComment