From India to Panama


It all began with a broken heart. Yes, way before Panama and even before India. He made me realize that I was ready to be in love again. Except, he wasn't The One.

I went to India to Eat, Pray and Love.  I ate naan gluttonously, prayed like I never prayed before, and momentarily fell in love. I came back from India with a long distance boyfriend and more inspiration than I knew what I could do with. Though the romance was fleeting, the inspiration stuck. It expanded my world of possibility. It showed me that one day I, too, could host my own retreats.

When I got back home, a kindred retreatee that I met in Goa tagged me in a Facebook post of a resort in a remote part of Panama. I clicked the link that led me to Sansara Surf & Yoga Resort. Right away, I knew that I needed to be there. Less than a year later, I found myself stuck in Carnivale traffic with 13 other people headed towards WholisticWe's first Surf & Yoga Holiday retreat in Cambutal, Panama.

When Jane and I decided to do this, we knew that it wouldn't be a typical yoga retreat. We wouldn't spend all seven days doing yoga and talking about yoga and living a yoga escape that made you forget about life back home. Instead, we wanted to create a space where everyone could be free to express him or herself, to explore their deepest desires and confront their greatest fears. We wanted to take people out of their comfort zones so that they could see themselves bigger than they ever had. We wanted to show people that it's okay to be vulnerable and to cry in front of strangers only to discover that we are all the same in our humanity. Our vision was to create a space where we would celebrate life.

We call it a "holiday" because we didn't want people to vacate from life. We believe that life is always happening around us, whether we participate or not. We wanted to spend seven days celebrating the small victories and big breakthroughs together. We all had to just roll with and trust in the process. And you know what happened in Panama? Some found peace that they didn't know they were looking for. Others found the clarity that they needed to move on, let go and forgive. Some saw themselves bigger than they could have ever imagined. Others fell in love with themselves for the first time. Some faced their greatest fears, while others were liberated as they revealed theirs to the world. While we all transformed the relationship with ourselves, we made connections that will transcend time and space. Connections that will continue far beyond Cambutal and long after the seven days spent in paradise.

As much as I want everyone that I love to join us in Panama, I also don't believe in making anyone do anything that they don't want to do. I truly believe that each and every individual who ends up in Cambutal with us this January is meant to be there for a reason, whatever that may be. So if you're interested, even a bit curious, I encourage you to reach out to us. Whether you're in search for something or just wanna have fun, trust your friend that has shared this with you or the source that has led you here. Know that you didn't end up here in this moment, right now, with this in your face, without reason. I have followed my heart entire life, and I invite you to do the same.