Are you ready?

Went back to school after leaving college almost 9 years ago; started teaching yoga again and learned how to teach aerial yoga; finally completed Landmark Education’s Curriculum for Living; shot, edited, produced and starred in a short-film called "30-Something And Single"; raised over $2000 for Project Futures to fight human trafficking; hiked the ancient Kumano Kodo pilgrimage in Japan; spent quality time in SF, LAlaland and Oahu, got a real history lesson in Ghana; purchased my MacBook Pro; Wanderlust'ed in Whistler; went from the weakest server to one of the best; AND started building a podcast ready to launch in 2017.

Yes, I did hella, achieved a bunch and made lots of moola (to do all of the above), but when it comes down to it, this stuff is kind of the norm for me. I’m not saying this to be arrogant, but because my track record shows. When I want to do something, I get shit done. This is how: 1. I declare whatever is that I want to do; 2. I'm clear on my intentions: the desire of WHY do I wanna do what I wanna do?; 3. I ask myself: does this align with my personal values, mission and vision and contribute toward my spiritual growth?; if so, 4. I reconfigure or maybe even redesign my life so that it aligns with whatever is that I want to do (in other words, do what I gotta do to make shit work); and then 5. I take mindful action and work really, REALLY hard to make it happen. This was a lot harder throughout my 20s, but now, in my 30s, it’s gotten a lot easier—mostly because I am VERY intentional with my time and resources nowadays. So, this is the time of year when I reflect for the purpose of preparing myself for the upcoming year. 

Yes, I personally have had a pretty damn good year, but there were some major struggles and suffering that occurred within the communities that truly matter to me ranging from the most intimate, my family, to the greater collective, our humanity. This year has shown me that none of what I do matters if it doesn't make a positive difference, which is why 2017 is about getting actively involved, becoming more engaged in stuff that matters, speaking, writing and producing authentic work with meaning and purpose. What does that mean? It means getting myself involved politically. That means finding an organization that aligns with my values, mission and vision and committing to that organization to do the work that they are already doing. It means challenging myself by always being in some sort of classroom setting, reading a book, listening to audiobooks and podcasts. It means launching my podcast and consistently posting an episode once a week like I said I would. It means teaching yoga more. It means making myself more available to my students and being more engaged with followers. It means writing every single day, even if it’s just 500 words a day. It means publishing the book (or two) that I’m meant to publish. It means discovering my inner-artist and declaring myself a creative. It means planning out every single week for the next 56 weeks. 

2017 is THEE Year. I’ve never actually said that because I don’t think I was ever ready for that. Yet, my gut is like: “Girl, you better do what you gotta do NOW because it’s almost time for you to move on to the next stage of life (a life-partner, eek!).” So with both my head and heart fully committed to my work, I invite ya'll along for the ride if you’re down. But bes' believe that if you're rollin' with me, you're not allowed to just sit in the back seat the entire time. I'm going to have you think, to explore and to take action. Remember, my only intention is for you to freely be the fullest authentic expression of your truest self. You ready?