The Life-Changing Epiphany

There was something different about him. He said, “I had a life changing epiphany today.” 

I asked, “What was your epiphany?” 

He told me that he realized that if he doesn’t get married or have kids that he’ll be okay. That he’ll be okay with or without it.

“Is that why you’re so happy Miss Ranny?” He asked.

YES! (Amongst the many other reasons to be happy, all of which are listed below gratitude.) I don’t necessarily think that it’s the being content with not having kids or finding a life partner that makes me happy. It’s faith in knowing that I will be okay no matter what. Let me emphasize: NO MATTER WHAT life has in store for me, I trust that God has a plan, especially in those moments where there is an opportunity for growth. My job is to discover the infinite possibilities of my being as I co-create with the Universe and live out my purpose. 

There’s this idea that has been passed down from generation to generation of what life is “suppose” to look like, of what it means to live a good and meaningful life, and what it means to be happy. At some point in time, I’m sure that the conventional marriage and family life was useful. Yet, stats show that the given is not for all of us. At this moment in time, where we are well equipped with tools and revolutionary technology that allows us to create the life that we desire, the life that is truly meant for us, and only us.

Lets be clear: I am not against marriage, nor am I against having family. There’s a great chance that I will marry my life-partner and that I will become a parent and mother a couple of human beings. However, I do not live my everyday life based off of someone else’s idea of happy. Everything that I do in every moment of my life is and has been a choice. It has been like this for awhile now, but only after tearing apart every part of my life, digging deep and examining what was actually mine and what did not belong to me. It was a shit show, but it had to happen in order for me to redesign a life greater than what a girl from Tacoma could have inherited or even dreamt up. 

When my friend had this epiphany, his life didn’t alter in reality. He went to the same job, walked the same route in the same pair of shoes and is dealing with same ole things that he had to deal with before this life-changing revelation. The only thing that shifted was his perspective. When that happened, a whole new world opened up for him. Life has a whole new context. He can start living HIS life now.

Most of us are happy with following an already paved path. Ain’t nothing wrong with it if it truly makes you happy. At the same time, I invite you to question your own happiness. What does happiness mean TO YOU? What are your deepest desires? What is it that truly makes YOU truly happy?