Ep. 1: Hello World!

Hello, beautiful people! 

It’s year of the Rooster, the Aquarius full moon and the day that 30-Something And Single has launched its first podcast. Finally, right? 

For those of you who have stumbled upon this little podcast, my name is Ranny Kang—pronounced RAN-nee KAYNG. I got lucky considering that my doctor and nurses gave me my first name. Now that you know something about me, here’s an intro to 30-Something And Single, a podcast created to inspire humans to live heart driven and head guided while exploring existing paradigms that suppress and oppress authentic self-expression. Essentially, yo’ girl is expanding the idea of what it means to be happy, what it means to be human and what it means to live a good and meaningful life. 

As a person who came from a family with limited resources and didn’t have the language to nurture my creativity, I began my path on the yellow brick road, but as I got older and experienced a few, what I would call, “plot-holes” along the way, I realized that the yellow brick road wasn’t as glamorous as it seemed. So, I detoured off path, got a little lost and found a different route. Without a doubt, it’s not the easy route, but it’s exciting, keeping me on my toes—and I mean, it’s fun as hell (I’ll leave that open for interpretation)—more importantly this path has less rules giving me more freedom to explore at my pace. Now, at 30-something, I am confident in what I have to share since I have experienced what I teach in one form or another. And as a single person, I can say that I’ve learned to love myself enough to know what feeds my soul, and what doesn’t.

30-Something And Single isn’t just about dating and relationship. Though there will be some of that, this self-produced podcast is mostly about my personal experiences in spiritual growth and of self-love and how it’s important to cultivate the relationship with Self so that we can contribute to the whole, the collective and humanity, through authentic self-expression. Ultimately, if we don’t know how to love ourselves, how can we truly love others? How can I be the most loving wife, mother, daughter, sister or partner to another human being if I don’t know how to love me? Because what is the most important thing to me? My relationships.

When I was 19, I picked up a book called The Go-Girl Guide: Surviving Your Soul with Savvy, Soul and Style by Julia Bourland. I don’t remember the philosophies shared, but I do remember this random book that I pulled off the shelf making a difference in my life after breaking up with my high school sweetheart right before leaving my adolescence, transitioning into a young lady and coming into my own. This book inspired me to write a book so that I, too, could make a difference in someone else’s life. But as I learned, writing a book ain’t easy, nor is there space on traditional platforms for a non-conformist to fit in. So, here I am: on a platform built on a deeply rooted foundation that I have metaphorically dug up with my own bare hands sharing all of the wisdom and philosophy that I have gathered in the first 30-something years of my life with hopes that it brings value and makes a positive difference for you and your life. 

Alright that’s enough for the show notes, I hope you get something out of this first episode. Happy listening!

Love always,


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