Ep. 4: Re-valuing Self-worth

Hi, ya’ll! Before I get into Ep. 4, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for the love and support. It’s been really cool to run into listeners on the street who resonate with what I have to share. Thank you so SO so much for your opening your hearts and minds to hear what this heart and mind of mine has to say. 

This past weekend, I got to celebrate another 30-Something year of being alive. My plan was to jet off to LaLaLand (Los Angeles) and drag my girlfriends with me. But because life circumstances happen, I needed to improvise. Instead, one of my best friends hosted a paella party at her home in celebration of my birth. Since it was my birthday, I wanted to do it my way, which meant: 1) No boys, 2) No babies, and 3) You gotta do what I ask. So what did I ask? I asked each woman, all 10 of them, to 1) Introduce yourselves, 2) To brag, 3) Share our love story (How did we meet?) and then 4) Sit there as I get to acknowledge her and her value in my life amongst the group, my sisterhood tribe. Each person got their moment as we feasted on paella and drank Spanish wine. This was my kinda party.

I noticed that some of my girlfriends were uncomfortable “bragging” and wasn’t use to all of the talk about feelings and emotions. But because it was my birthday, they kinda had to. I did this intentionally for the very reason why I wrote, recorded and shared a podcast called “Re-valuing Self-Worth.” We as women (and men) forgot our intrinsic value. We forget how valuable we are to our friends, family and community just by being our authentic selves and in relationship with one another. 

There is a stigma around bragging—and because there is this idea that we don’t want to come off self-indulgent or self-absorbed, we diminish or dilute our accomplishments, our successes and our triumphs so that we don’t look conceited or make other people not feel less than. For most of my life, I thought that bragging was bad—that I shouldn’t be talking about myself. It wasn’t until a good friend of mine who introduced to me The School of Womanly Arts and shared Mama Gena’s philosophy and practice on bragging that I got to experience an empowered brag. Empowered brags helped me re-value my self-worth. And in a safe space, brags can help all of us remember and re-value our sense of worthiness. If we can create a space for other people to feel and be full, they will one day have the capacity to do that for us.

This episode on re-valuing self-worth is intended to have you look authentically at where you may have placed your sense of worthiness—and then to consider how you’ve been paralyzed in certain areas of your life because you don’t think you’re good enough. When you are able to get real with the conversations you have about your self-worth, you can then work on transforming those stories that aren’t true. Ultimately, you’ll discover that you, my dear, are invaluable. 

We all know that a person can have all of the fame and riches in the external world but is internally bankrupt because they don’t feel worthy. Re-valuing self-worth is an inside job. As we continue to grow, evolve and expand as human beings, it’s not just important but crucial that we do internal work. 

Here is Season 1, Ep. 4: Re-valuing Self-worth.

Love always,


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