Ep. 2: Lets Talk About Sex

Yep, I’m going there. I’m just gonna put it all out there. I have just released a podcast about S-E-X [insert gasps]. Most of us, if not all, have had sex and/or will have sex. (Hey, you might just be doing it now.) In this second episode, I talk about an intimate and—in a lot of ways—taboo topic in most cultures. My relationship with sex has been an interesting one that has led me to become super mindful about sex in my 30s. I packed a shitload of information into 20 minutes when this is a conversation that is meant to be had within a lifetime. As always, the ideas that I share are just some things to consider and maybe explore. To learn more about the topics I discussed, Google the 2nd chakra and sexual transmutation (a concept from Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill). I enjoy having multi-layered, sometimes messy, conversations on topics that we can all relate to, like sex. So if you have something to share or to contribute, please comment to any one of my threads on social media. 

Ranny KangComment