Ep. 9: Spark Chasers vs Long Burners

“Just have fun,” they all say. I say, “It’s all fun and games until some gets hurt.” When it comes to another person’s heart, I can’t help but be more and more mindful as I get older. Like my spiritual teachers have taught me: when you know better, do better. 

In my mid-twenties, I went on an intentional dating binge. I went on a bunch of dates to transform my relationship with men, which ended up giving me a greater appreciation for man in the hu-man. Now that I am in my thirties—and single—dating has become this complicated process because 1) I am truly a long burner and 2) I still want to chase spark. 

Back in my twenties, I ended up falling in love with guys who I thought were the one only to find out that the relationship wasn’t meant for the long burn. As I am becoming wiser with age and experience, I’m learning how to spot sparks when they walk into my life. At the same time, I remind myself to be mindful and responsible when I do choose to play with fire.

Ep. 9: Spark Chasers vs Long Burners is an episode inspired by an article that I read called "In Romantic Relationships, You're Either a Spark-Chaser or a Long Burner". In this episode, I talk about dating in our 20s versus dating in our 30s, why it’s different and why it’s not. I talk about ghosting and the Golden Rule of Dating. It’s merely another perspective on mindful dating. I hope ya’ll get something out of it.

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