Ep. 10: Embracing Rejection

Earlier this year, I applied for a study abroad program in Spain during the launch of 30-Something And Single. The plan was to give my whole heart and mind to this project, while preparing to spend a season of my life overseas. To stay focused, I put myself on a strict budget to save money and committed myself to celibacy so that I would stay single. Three months later, I received a rejection letter. I didn’t get into the program. Around the same time, a guy that I met almost two years ago confessed his intentions to me. As much as I resisted for as long as I resisted, he continued to be persistent. And with the help of the Universe, the stars have aligned for us. “When you know, you just know,” they say. I would argue that it’s not that simple. We’ve both done the work on our-selves in preparation for this moment—to know without a doubt that we’ve found The One.

So, now what? 

When this podcast was conceived a year ago, I had no idea what my relationship status would be when I launched it three months ago. While I knew that I wanted to call it 30-Something And Single, I never wanted it to be just about my relationship status. I wanted to create content that would expand the hearts and minds of people when it comes to living a good and meaningful life free from societal conventions and expectations. I wanted to share stories, insights and wisdom that I’ve gathered throughout the 30-something years of my journey to inspire others to live a life that the heart desires because life is too precious to waste it on anything else.

Growing up, we were conditioned to dream of fairy-tail endings that consisted of a picket fence, a paycheck and Prince Charming. Sometime in my early twenties, I woke up. For the past several years, I chose to spend my life actively waiting for The One, which meant that instead of swiping right, chasing a wedding ring or climbing some else’s ladder, I would take the time to be with myself (not by but with myself), to learn about myself and to discover what I truly desire—because only then would I be able to recognize what is meant for me when the Universe presents whatever it is to me—and for me to just know when I know that I have found The One (or that he has found me). 

As we wrap up Season 1 of 30-Something And Single with embracing rejection, my life is recalibrating to create space for new business ventures, a new season of 30-Something And Single and a new relationship. 

Please enjoy Ep. 10: Embracing Rejection. I hope it serves you as rejection has served me.

Love always, 


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