Season 2, Ep. 13: Self-care is NOT Self-ish

Self-care, a topic that never gets old. As a young woman obsessed with self-development, self-care was something that I began unintentionally cultivating over time. In some ways, it was necessary. Self-care is the foundation for any kind of personal growth. And as a single woman, what else would I do with all that time? When one’s time, space and resources aren’t impacted by another person or other people, it’s much easier to develop rituals and habits that organically become a part of daily life. Per usual, life happens—we get into a relationship, start a new venture, move, become “too busy”, etc.—and self-care goes out the window. After we realize the impact, we recommit to self-care until life happens again and self-care goes back out the window, creating a vicious cycle. After awhile, it doesn’t work. That’s when we must learn how to integrate self-care with intention. 

In this episode of 30-Something And Single, I share a recent event where I found myself neglecting self-care only to discover that I had been living into the self-fulling prophecy that “I am better single.” It’s a short one, but I think it might make a difference for those of you who have been neglecting your-selves. Often we make other people responsible for our self-care, but lets be real, we are responsible for all areas of our own lives.

I hope ya’ll like this one. If you do, the best compliment is to share. 

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