Season 2, Ep. 14: Happiness Is A Choice

The pursuit of happiness isn’t just the title of a Will Smith movie. The pursuit of happiness is something we all have in common whether we know it or not. As human beings, I believe that we have an innate desire to be happy. We live into this idea of happily-ever-after. If we’re not creating the future that we are living into, someone will do it for us (usually the status quo). We chase this idea of happiness that is outside of ourselves in the form of material things and/or people—thinking that if we get that person or thing that we will finally be happy. Spending our lives chasing an idea is gambling with our time. Instead of gambling with time, I say invest it into your-self. Spend that time aligning yourself with the things and only things that bring you joy. BUT FIRST, we’ve gotta define for ourselves what happiness means. This requires initiative, effort and faith. And it all begins with a choice. Then once we’ve chosen, we choose again. Then we choose again. Again. Again. Again. Again. And Again.

As with all topics that I’ve touched on in the past 14 episodes, this is another conversation that will continue. The purpose of this podcast is to expand the idea of what it means to be happy. My goal is to create a happy space great enough for everyone to live. 

Thanks for all of the kind words of affirmation, the love, the support and your precious time.

Love always,


Ranny KangComment